SNOW DOCKET for Chattanooga

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

     Because the court rescheduled the morning docket from February13th to February 27th due to the weather, the docket for the 27th is exceptionally long. In coordination with the Chapter 13 Trustee and in an effort to have all of the matters heard, the court will begin its morning docket at 8:00 a.m.

      The Chapter 13 Trustee has contacted some attorneys to move their matters to the 8:00 docket. Attorneys will be responsible for notifying their clients of the earlier time. If the client is needed but cannot appear at the earlier time, the court will put the matter to the end of the 9:00 docket.

     The court will also take announcements regarding continuing matters for the morning docket at the conclusion of the 8:00 docket.

      If an attorney has not been contacted by Courtroom Deputy Tanya English or Ms. West, counsel for the Chapter 13 Trustee, to reschedule the motions to dismiss, the motions to dismiss will be heard at the 9:00 docket as previously scheduled.